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Originally Posted by Ketho View Post
This is why you should post your code in the first place
Nah, my code is many thousands of lines, I would not even know where to start looking, let alone which sections to upload for public scrutiny.

The "error" was not obvious, you'd have to sit in range and in front of the dummy and in combat for a LONG time to start noticing a subtle screen jerkiness at first, gradually getting worse. And every time you made a change to the code, you'd need to start all over again (due to the /reload).

To trace it I added a short exit in various places (10 places), controlled by a runtime flag, which I could set using slash commands without reloading the addon. I let it run until I noticed the screen jerkiness (made coffee, boiled the kettle, cut the grass etc) and once the jerkiness was unmistakable then I started modifying this flag to cause a short circuit exit and eventually I hit the point where the jerkiness disappeared or re-appeared, and that was around the CreateFrame. That's how I got the culprit.
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