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Originally Posted by OrcD3vil View Post
I would like to actually get rid of the two bars on the bottom right and left to expand the Omen/Recount on the right and the chat box on the left as we have way to many action bars IMHO. Is this possible or do I need to heavily mod nUI? Also was wondering when we would get a update getting a lot of nUI errors along with that pesky ExtraButton problem. Been using nUI since almost the begining and a donator keep up the good work!
You shouldn't be getting any errors aside from the issue with the ExtraActionButton -- what errors are you getting?

As for getting rid of the two bars, that's very easy... just edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] with any plain text editor and scroll down (or search) until you find "nUI_DefaultConfig.ButtonBars" and comment out or remove the "nUI_BottomLeftBar" and "nUI_BottomRightBar" and save the file. That will get rid of the two extra action bars.

However, the rest of your goal is a lot more complicated. You have two problems... one to resize the two panels and the other to move the two buttons... the red button on the left that you use to select the unit frame panel and the res button on the right you use to select the into panel.

The first one is the "nUI_DefaultConfig.UnitPanelSelector" in the same file. If you look at the "anchors" section in it, you'll see it depends on the "nUI_BottomLeftBar" being there. So you're going to have to anchor it to something else and find a new location for it. You'll likely have to do that by trial and error. You have the same problem to sort out with the "nUI_DefaultConfig.InfoPanelSelector" which is expecting to be anchored to the "nUI_BottomRightBar" as well. However, it can be done, you'll just have to play with it to get it the way you want it.

Setting the size of the two panels requires you to edit the "height" values in the "nUI_DefaultConfig.InfoPanel" section and the "nUI_DefaultConfig.ChatFrame" section. Again, you'll just have to experiment with values until you find what works. The selector buttons are 40 units high, so you can probably start by adding 40 units to the height for both panels and be close.

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