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Originally Posted by bkray1 View Post
I'm interested in giving this UI a try, but I thought I would ask for some info first. I have a rather low end, by today's standards, laptop (Acer Ferrari 3400). Does Version 5 function fairly well with regards to system resources? Does anybody using version 5 also use the full version of carbonite? Fishing buddy?

Thanks, Bryan
You should be fine, I use nUI, full carbonite, fishing buddy, and about 70+ other addons as well and I'm on a year old Dell Inspiron 1420 (with a P.O.S. integrated graphics card) the only time I experince some issues is 25 man heroic raids but I think that has to do a lot more with the WOTLK improved graphics and population on my server since in BC it was NEVER this horid. Uusally I find that before going to 25 man raid disabling EVERYTHING except the basics (Omen, Recount, nUI and just a few others) will help me skimp along just fine.

In all honesty when compared against other UI's this one has yielded me the best performance in lagged and combat intensive sittuations even if it's still really really crappy performance.

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