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BlizzCon 2009 - Community Plans

[Edit] The hotels that Blizzard has arranged group rates with are listed on their BlizzCon Travel page.

I know that last year I arranged a group rate for any that wanted to get in on it. I tried to look into doing the same thing again this year, but I can't come up with any one place that meets the various criteria that have been set. Either a hotel is [too expensive], or [too far away], or doesn't have [acceptable internet access], or isn't [acceptable quality] or ....

So, sorry guys, but not coming up with a group rate this year. I know that Blizzard will have deals worked out with some of the hotels as per usual so of course you should definitely look at those when Blizzard gets them posted.

In the meantime, based on variations of the criteria listed above (price, distance, quality, internet access) - these are 6 of the different hotels I was considering for attempting to get group rates at and/or have been recommended by people that stayed at them in previous years:


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