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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
Hi Inraz,

Close Minion so its not running any more.

Open up your OSX terminal (Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal) and type the following command:

open ~/.minion/minion.xml
Choose TextEdit to open it with if you're asked.

Remove the line in the config file that pertains to position. It will look something like this (your numbers will be different):
<position height="899.0" width="1204.0" x="312.0" y="139.0"/>
Once you removed that line save the minion.xml and start up Minion and it should display for you in the center of the main screen.

If that doesnt work...

Exit Minion again and just type the following in the terminal window and it will reset Minion to new.
rm ~/.minion/minion.xml
Then open Minion and you should see it. However it will ask you all the setup questions again.
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