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I have found in the setting the possibility to reset addons, games and drive.
Using this make the situation better even if there are some iussues that are still there.

Is it possible that Minion will have an option to scan them everytime ?

Here is my situation:

- Tipsy has a wrong version in toc file: ## Version: $project-version$

- Skada is a pity but it is not outdated on WOWI as on curse but it is correctly detected.

- EPGP* are mismatched, I have:

- OpenAll (I used the kemayo version) is mismatched the same but it is not not update on WOWI like on curse.

- AraBrokerGuild is correctly detected as outdated even if it is not because the latest file r76 has in .toc file: Version: r75

Thanks for attention.
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