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Hi gmarco,

Thanks for your post! Here are some comments I had...

Originally Posted by gmarco View Post

I have found in the setting the possibility to reset addons, games and drive.
Using this make the situation better even if there are some iussues that are still there.

Is it possible that Minion will have an option to scan them everytime ?
It does scan them every time you start Minion? I'll have to double check but maybe its not re-scanning the toc files. Just checking to make sure the AddOn is still there.

- Tipsy has a wrong version in toc file: ## Version: $project-version$
Not sure how we can correct this, the author uploaded it to our site like that. So when Minion detects it in the wild it uses the version found in the toc which is "Version: $project-version$". If you download it and install it directly from Minion it will use the version number the author entered into our database and ignore the toc version.

- Skada is a pity but it is not outdated on WOWI as on curse but it is correctly detected.
The version WOWI has in its database is 1.6.4, Minion wants to make your version the same that is on our site. With these simple version numbers it would be easy for us to update Minion so it could tell that 1.6.8 is newer than 1.6.4 but many authors use names, letters, numbers & git hashes in their versions. This is an issue with in the wild detection. Shouldn't happen if you use Minion to install the AddOn and not reset detection.

- EPGP* are mismatched, I have:
epgp (dkp reloaded) is marked as discontinued on our site so Minion tried to match it to something current.

- OpenAll (I used the kemayo version) is mismatched the same but it is not not update on WOWI like on curse.
Minion matched it to the newest version our site has. Since there are 3 versions of it on our site. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...search=openall

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