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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
See here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...19&postcount=9If you update some addons from Curse, and the addons' authors keep them more up to date at Curse, simply right-click that addon in Minion and set it to ignore.
That's a good point. But what if, instead of doing a Minion + Curse (maybe + Manual-downloads too) method of updating, I only want to do Minion + Manual-downloads?

For this scenario, I'd suggest two different types of "Ignore addon" options be given to the user:
A. "Ignore" (completely) (and permanently, til user changes his mind) - what is currently in place;
B. "Ignore current update" (only current update, not future ones) - once a new version of the addon were to be posted on WoWI, then Minion would automatically remove it from the Ignore list.

My logic for option B is that ome addons do get updated earlier on Curse (or wherever else you got them from) but do eventually get updated on WoWI as well. For me, in most cases (unless the previous version of the addon was properly broken), I'd be alright with the delay.
In some situations, I might be alright with updating the addon manually but, if at some point, its author decides to keep it updated on WoWI, then I'd rather have Minion update it for me.

Adding to the above functionality, you might keep the "Ignore current update" on the list of addons with possible updates, but diferentiated from the ones the user hadn't chosen to ignore. This could be through a different "Update" button (text and/or color) and/or ordered after the regular "Update" addons (but before the addons with no updates whatsoever).

BTW, speaking of colors, I have some eyesight problem which comes up specially with low contrast. That white text on that light green button is rather low contrast. Could you please use a darker tone of green maybe?

Thanks for your awesome work on both the site and Minion!
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