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help request: cannot find the right castbar/buff/cd addon

hi guys.
i'm back playing this game after many years. i kept looking at this community, witnessed old legends say goodbye, and others new promises coming in.

long story, you can skip this paragraph: i preordered legion and got a boost causing me to be placed from nowhere to the front of my garrison, already at level 3, trying to understand what happened. this caused also a lot of odd things i've finally managed to clean up, like quests i was unable to complete and other odd stuff. then i moved to the very funny part of this game: addons.

i may be wrong, but i remember i was using a single lovely addon for castbars, which was able to manage buffs and debuffs. i remember also i can create many groups i wanted, tracking stuff like short buffs on me casted only by me, it was highly customizable. plus, i can create cooldown bars and stuff. i thought it was gnosis, but it seems i can't make it work as i want. maybe it was another one, or maybe i was using more than one..

any suggestion?
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