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Originally Posted by blackpandemic View Post
Not sure this is entirely possible and if it is, it would be a tremendous memory hog.
Well i dont relly know why that would be, theres plenty of addons that alreday remember ur bank inv, and ur bags, if u knew what to look for u could look up any bank/bag/wearing item with say sanity2 addon(without beeing at bank ofc), but it would take alot longer time to compare items that are beeing rolled on to what u have in bank/bags and wearing. why would it be such a memory hog?, (im no expert coder, but sanity2 wich saves your bank items, bag items, wearing item even on alts. since is has all the info stored all that would be needed i to make a addon to compare items by slot on modifer with tooltips. im sure theres a lightweight approch to this.
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