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Version: 10.0.2_alpha - Update 10-31-14

Sirtax Theme displays error compilation UF!. Here is error

RDX: Window <preview> caused a paint error.

Extended info:
Pointer: table: 000000003030A740
Identity: preview
Path: <unknown>
Interface\AddOns\VFL\UI\FrameClasses\TabBar.lua:400: Usage: Button_1912:SetWidth(width)

RDX: Window <RDXDiskTheme:Sitrax:TabManager2> caused a paint error.

Extended info:
Pointer: table: 000000002C4DF1B0
Identity: RDXDiskTheme:Sitrax:TabManager2
Path: RDXDiskTheme:Sitrax:TabManager2
Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Maps\NxMap.lua:441: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'NXArchAlpha' (a nil value)

The Sigg theme I am assuming is incomplete. Actually several of the UI's seem incomplete so I assume they are on the to do list. There seems to be a couple that you need to do a reloadui before they display at all.

I see how you did the frame around the action bars in the default UI. But I was looking to use something like the Onyx button frames on my action bars. When I select the bs_default for Button Skin It brings up a Button Skin Picker window. When I select the arrow to try and select or see what I am able to choose from it does nothing.

I am not sure on the minimap, or map in the tab window. I didn't test it much but right away it seemed a little odd. I mean when I would use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out seemed normal but areas disappear and reappear on the map as I would move my mouse around on it. It also seemed to zoom in on certain objects when I moused over them as well. Sometimes to the point I was not able to tell what I was looking at or why it did the zoom on it's own in the first place.

I am not familiar with Carbonite at all so I am completely unaware of any of the features it has.

Edit 1:
I was changing some of my talents today and the first thing that came up was this error.

...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_TalentUI.lua:717: attempt to concatenate local 'tier' (a nil value)

Stack trace:
...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_TalentUI.lua:40: in function `OnAccept'
Interface\FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:3945: in function `StaticPopup_OnClick'
[string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

This error brigs up a window stating... "VFL has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI.

This exact same window appears when trying to set a new glyph as well. Must disable openrdx in order to change talents and glyphs.

Edit 2:
I have received an error a couple times upon entering the game as well. The UI is not displayed but there is an error code.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\ObjectMgr\ObjectDB.lua:396: attempt to index local 'disk' (a nil value)

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\RDXDiskSystem\main.lua:7: in function `hsig'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:119: in function `Dispatch'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\ObjectMgr\ObjectDB.lua:784: in function `hsig'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:119: in function `Dispatch'
Interface\AddOns\RDX\Init.lua:65: in function `hsig'
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:119: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\Core\DispatchTable.lua:117>

A /reloadui seems to fix this issue.

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