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Once you have cleaned up your art. Remember you can flip, color, texture, render, stretch, resize, highlight to your hearts content. Gimp does alot of very cool things. Take a look at the filters section for all kinds of lighting effects, border makers, logo makers, and lava textures.

When you want to save your art , save it as a .TGA file extension. This will allow wow to read it and show it ingame. Put this file into your Eepanels2 addon folder.

Congratulations you've just created a piece of art for Eepanels2 to use in world of warcraft! Now to put that into warcraft.

Implementing Your Created Art Panels Into Wow

So now that you have created your art work. Log into Wow. If you were logged into wow while making the art you MUST restart wow or the art work will not be available to you.

You may find that using Align and Fluid frames is easy and helpful. Fluid frames helps you identify what panel you have your mouse over. All you have to do is bind it to a key on your keyboard. Or if you dont want any extra addons you can use this /run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetMouseFocus():GetName()) in a macro. Will pretty much do what fluid frames does. But with fluid frames you can move things around that normally arent moveable. Align is a useful tool because it puts a grid on your screen so you can line things up properly.

So enough of the tool talk. Lets get to work. I use fubar so in some of these screenshots your going to see a drop down menu. You can do all of this from the eepanels2 minimap icon as well. I just prefer to have it on fubar.

First create a panel by using the drop down menu for eepanels2. Make sure your panels are unlocked so you can drag the panel around resize etc.

You can use either Default or Global settings. Either way you need to make sure there is no color in the background and make sure there is no border. Once youve created the panel click on that panel (should be in the middle of your screen) and go to Background texture>background custom texture. In that box should be Interface\. this is correct but you need to finish the file extension. It should look like this. Interface\addons\eepanels2\yourartname. You don't have to put the .tga at the end of the file name.

Finally resize your image. You can change the opacity of the texture if you want it to be transparent. Once you have done that, move the panel to where you want and lock it. Continue to do this with the rest of your interface, and you have a new interface in no time. Just takes lots of practice and good resources. I use the following websites on a daily basis for all things UI

The world of warcraft UI and Macros forums

Thank you to the creators of Eepanels2. I hope this tutorial was clear enough on what to do , and how to do it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the wowinterface website. My name on there is Elloria. You can find all of my interfaces on there. This website has an extensive list of UIs. If you haven't been there then you should check it out!!

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