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Hey u 2 :)

Thx alout for your help everything worked and I have understood why so I will remember it (and if not i can still look up the thread :D).

So I have 3 more questions:

1) I want to color the target debuffs so they display an appropriated color (magic = blue, harmstring = red etc.)

I have tried setting:
debuffFrame.icon:SetBorder(1,1,1) just as a test to get at least one color around alld ebuffs, which did not work.

Also i tried to change:
self.debuffFrames[1].border = ('0.66,0.44,0.33')
With no success.

I have googled and read some pages, but alot of these changes they made there are either very complex or with other addons (e.g. ouf) and newly created layouts. As is there is a border / Backdrop used right now which i need to CHANGE and not ADD anything new. I hope i am right with that?

So how can i achieve my goal here? I either (cause that's the easiest way) want to color my debuffs with a red border or (which would be perfect) color them depending on their type (magic, physical etc.).

2) I want to adjust the size of the manabar of the targetstarget by about 1-2px.
At the moment it looks like this (ignore the circle^^):
That means that the manabar for the target is about 1-2px smaller than for the player and targetframe which kinda looks bad. I have scanned thorugh all "targettarget" lines i could find but did not find anything which i could adjust like for the orbs function or anything like that. I am totally in the dark here :/

3) I have hidden all my bars (including playerbar) with ouf barfader till i got into combat or was not at 100% health.
As i do not know if and how it works here and wildbreath alread told me to "modify a statedriver values [combat]show;hide". But I have no idea how and what to do, so that's kinda up to you guys :/ Dunno if ouf_barfader is of any use here. I was using this in my old (~1year) old UI Pack but there is no way for me to really compare the code as the ouf layout is no longer supported etc. :/

Additionally I have hidden the minimap button by setting its size to 0,0 could this cause ony problemes?

Also i very sorry to not give you guys that are not having experience with this addon any more code but i just do not know where to look and what could help you - deeply sorry for that :/

I really hope you could help me out with that as well as that would be almost everything i need to complete my interface once again :)

Again: Much appreciation for your time! (:
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