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Hey me again^^

I've got almost everything the way I want it to be and therefore are finishing the UI off Thx alot for helping me, would not be possible without your help!

So there are three things left:

1) The Hiding of the playerframe gives 2 Problemes:

First it does not hide the pet frame (and i suppose it does not hide the focus and focus target as well) which i need to be hidden as well (I do not want to show anything while not in combat or at 100% HP).

Also your code gives me "100" in the chat like 3x in 1 Second (so i get a chat locking like this
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EDIT: Also I need to show the playerframe if I have a target EDIT END

Secondly I still have no clue why the powerbar for the targetframe is about 1px bigger than for the playerframes even though they both have the exact same settings.

Your hiding code for the HP on the playerframe worked really well

Thirdly I still get the Cooldown for my paladin spell which is kinda weird and overlaps all my buttons placed there, so that really needs a fix, too.

I really hope i do not annoy you and am really, really glad that you find the time for hepling me.

Also if anyone else knows why I am having these issues, please feel free to join the discussion, thx!

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