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Latest Version Is 5.4.2 Alpha 5

5.3.0 Alpha 1
- Tested to work with 5.3 scenarios/BG
- Warehouse tooltips updated, will now show when you click an item in chat
- Warehouse now tracks justice/valor
- New Module! Carbonite.Weekly, tracks your alts progression on weekly objectives... more to be added later, idea's of what should be added always welcome
- New Loading routines, Carbonite no longer quietly during loading screen, but after when game is loaded. This causes a small delay once your ingame as everything initalizes, but stops FPS drops if you login during combat. Will wait until you exit combat to load aswell.
- New option under maps, compatability mode. If your using an alternate UI and are experiencing protected function errors, enable this.
- New NPCScan overlay module in extra to handle the new way carbonite loads.
- I'm sure there is other things i'm forgetting... I really should track what I add better :P


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