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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Thanks p3lim for providing this. I need some help.

I added the .travis.yml and the .pkgmeta to one of my addons in my github repo. Currently the .pkgmeta and the .travis.yml use CRLF as ending. Is that a problem? I told GIT bash for windows not to mess with line endings.


I then used the git command you provided using git bash for windows in the git directory of rVignette.

I'm not sure but I think my whole repo got that tag?! Is that correct?


Once I started the git bash command I had to log into github and the tag completed.

But nothing else seem to have happened? What am I missing?

I had added the wowi token to the Travis page before. My travis page is all grey and says: There is no build on the default branch yet?

Ok I checked the travis request page. I can see some error messages now. Travis does seem to try to generate a new build when I commit with Github desktop to master. (The first two requests) Why is that?

*edit* Ohhh I see. It would run on any commit but when reading the config file would only react to branches that match the pattern.

That being said. To correct the error from my understanding I have to put the .travis.yml in the repo root right? What does that mean for the packager? Will he parse all directories and upload all of them at once? If I only make a change to one of the addons all will be updated? How do I do this for specific directories?
For reasons I do not understand, you are using a single repo for multiple projects, which is not how Git was intended to be used, thus no CI tool will be able to understand.
E.g, if you tag the repo (and tags only work on repo-level, as with branches), every project you have in that repo (as you've set it up) will get the same tag.

The packager and Travis expects Git to be used as it was intended; one repo per project, and each project has its own .travis.yml file at the root, and tagging the repo will trigger Travis/packager.
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