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Right, it would appear I'm doing something wrong with git, and I can't quite figure out what, so I'm turning here for help. Even tagging exactly in the manner suggested in the op, I keep tripping this:

	if [ -z "$TRAVIS_TAG" ]; then
		# don't need to run the packager if there is a tag pending
		TRAVIS_TAG=$( git -C "$TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR" tag --points-at )
		if [ -n "$TRAVIS_TAG" ]; then
			echo "Found future tag \"${TRAVIS_TAG}\", not packaging."
			exit 0
Which means the packager will only run if I have no tag (as I currently have it configured to do that, as, well, it's gotta run on something.)

I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing, but I'm stumped, so any help would be appreciated.

The repo in question is at https://github.com/Aiue/AQT, in case an extra set of eyes looking at stuff helps.
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