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Seeing this thread gave me an idea. For anyone interested, I have adjusted the code to also allow alt+ctrl clicking groups to report advertisements. Much easier to get rid of all the WTS groups.

Lua Code:
  1. for _,b in pairs(LFGListFrame.SearchPanel.ScrollFrame.buttons) do
  2.     b:HookScript("OnDoubleClick",function(s)
  3.         LFGListApplicationDialog_Show(LFGListApplicationDialog,s.resultID)
  4.     end) -- double click to sign up groups
  5.     b:HookScript("PostClick",function(s)
  6.         if IsAltKeyDown() and IsControlKeyDown() then
  7.             C_LFGList.ReportSearchResult(s.resultID,"lfglistspam")
  8.             LFGListSearchPanel_AddFilteredID(LFGListFrame.SearchPanel,s.resultID)
  9.             LFGListSearchPanel_UpdateResultList(LFGListFrame.SearchPanel)
  10.             LFGListSearchPanel_UpdateResults(LFGListFrame.SearchPanel)
  11.         end
  12.     end) -- alt+ctrl click to report ads
  13. end
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