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Originally Posted by R_OReilly View Post
I'm pretty sure there was a post about how to update the quest database or provide info so it can be updated but I can't seem to find it.

N'zoth dailies and assaults display in Carbonite:Quests but the progress tracking is inconsistent when it comes to the daily lesser vision quests. For example, the Vanquishing the Darkness (quest id 58156) should have a progress bar/percent similar to the Assaults but it doesn't in Carbonite. The other lesser vision dailies are all "kill/collect number of things" and those counters show up fine.

If there is a way for us users to contribute/update quest data, I'd like to help whether it's uploading data, opening tickets in github, I could even take a crack at updating the appropriate quest LUA.
I dont play 8.3 but I do play classic and I am updating that database.

As such I can give ya the format since its good to have for prosperity.

Lua Code:
  1. [5219] = {
  2.         Quest = [[Target: Dalson's Tears|1|55|50|5220|0|5650]],
  3.         Start = "333|1422|32|42.80|84.20",
  4.         End = "331|1422|32|46.20|52.00",
  5.         Objectives = {
  6.             [1] = {
  7.                 "nil|1422|35|45.60|51.84|14.43|4.81",
  8.                 "nil|1422|35|44.64|52.56|33.67|4.81",
  9.                 "nil|1422|35|44.64|53.28|38.48|9.62",
  10.                 "nil|1422|35|45.60|54.72|33.67|4.81",
  11.                 "nil|1422|35|46.56|55.44|24.05|4.81",
  12.                 "nil|1422|35|47.04|56.16|24.05|4.81",
  13.                 "nil|1422|35|47.52|56.88|19.24|4.81",
  14.                 "nil|1422|35|48.00|57.60|14.43|4.81",
  15.              },
  16.         },
  17.     },

The format is actually simple.
Start/End strings:
All points have the format: "<StartNpc>|<ZoneID they are in>|<32 is almost always used and is for a point. 35 is for an area.>|<X Coordinate>|<Y Coordinate>"

I have not parsed enough through the Quest line itself yet but most all exist already. Ill dig through it at a later point and update this then.

Similar to the Start/End strings with a small change.
[<Objective number>: Should start at 1 but as you probably see either doesnt or isnt there.
"<Objective text or nil to get from quest>|<ZoneID of point>|<32 for single point or 35 for box>|<X1 Coordinate>|<Y1 Coordinate>|<Width>|<Height>"
The Width and height seem to be set to 4.81 for single point coordinates. Smaller seems to make it go away and I have not personally tried bigger ones yet.

I will update more on this later.
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