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Buff check

I'm not a coder, but I hope I understand the simplicity of the "if... then... else..." patterns behind much of the LUA coding I've looked at.
After a bit of research, it seems that a MACRO can't perform an action on the absence or presence of a buff.

Decursive, however, seems to strike a nice balance. It checks for a debuff and then lets you click to perform an action to remove it.
That would suggest that, even if it cannot perform a direct action, LUA can check for the presence of a debuff. It seems, then, that it could also check for buffs.

What I'd hoped would be possible would be to check for the presence of a buff on a pet and then tell me when it's no longer there.

Can simple LUA do that and tell me in chat (for my eyes only, as I'd hate to spam everyone) if it's not there / when it drops off?
If you're able to throw that together, then great. If not, then I'd appreciate being pointed at a resource that would show me how it could be done.

Much appreciated.
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