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WoWInterface is sporting a new look just in time for spring

As you can see, spring-fever has hit and we decided it was time to do some (graphical) sprucing up around the place, to go along with the functionality changes on the site. Hope you like it. As always, feedback gladly received!

Here is a listing of the major changes and additions to the site since inception. Most are "serious", but some just add "flavour". Many of these have shown up within the last week or so (although they've been in the works for quite a while), some have been in place for a some time now:

● Added Favorites lists
● Split the front page right-side menu into three sections - "New Interfaces", "Top Favorites", "Top Rated"
● Mouse-over Tooltips on the front page right-side menu
● Addition of "Beta-version Interfaces" area to the downloads
● Addition of "Patches and Addons", which gives mod authors the ability to allow other authors to submit optional patches and add-ons for their interfaces, or to create even more comprehensive customization packs for their addons
● Removal of site registration requirement in order to download
● Addition to the front page of the GU Comic that Woody made specifically for our sites
● Addition of avatar galleries for users to choose from
● Various other minor tweaks, ie updated forum descriptions for clarification purposes, etc.
Further improvements planned:
● Additional tweaking of the Download area, to make it easier for both mod authors when uploading, and for users trying to find mods
● Automatic AddOn Update Tool for Authors (in conjunction with WoWGuru.com)
Other changes to the site are always possible, based on feedback by our community.

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