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Originally Posted by Daveo77 View Post
Xrystal, that image shows he is using the Minimap InfoPanel addon that moves the Minimap from between the unit frames to the InfoPanel area instead.
hi, yes I (she) :P is using the minimap infopanel addon, but the objectives were like that before I added it.

I'll try the /nUI move thing Seer suggested and see if that works
I dont really have many other addons other than NPCscan & auctionator, but I'll remove them for now and see it it changes ty all!

ok got it ty all so much, I disabled the map info panel and its fine now

Just in case any one else has this problem, you have to uncheck the 'nUI_InfoPanel_minimap' while ingame, then relode if you want the WoW map and objectives back to normal. you still have the other map (small looks like world map at the bottom).
if you try to just uncheck it in addons from main characters window before logging in, it will go to the center box of the new UI and the objectives will still be stuck at the bottom.
hope this helps

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