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ok i DONT post when i didnt try everything as i said! With no add on running all that shows in the config file. When that file comes up.It shows only the 2 new chars ive made not the crap load of others. I did rename the wtf file to make a new..same thing. Even after i log into one the old ones. It was in middle of night when it stoped, 2 hours into a sesion. It also was in a night when me and others kept getting booted out. As for messing with it,never. Code makes no sence to me. As for bug sac it shows nothing. I get no error messages of any kind. Also i posted on raven page. Seems noone else has had this problem. Or they just droped it. Also i have not updated or anything new for addons.

Also as ive said I LOOKED! Only ones shown what i use raven for all are out date. Most of the new are not for buffs. There to put crap in your chat box. I dont want that kinda thing. I want spell/debuff bars. Not chat i wont see. I really do not see why these are even in for buffs. There not a buff .. there a reminder. They should have there own spot.

I guessing it time find another safe place to get mods. Seems only thing her is you copy cat mods. And you putting peaple down becase they dont do code. Sorry iam not up to your moronic level. I thought this was place to ASK for help. Not be told your stupid.
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