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Originally Posted by kasca View Post
And you putting peaple down becase they dont do code. Sorry iam not up to your moronic level. I thought this was place to ASK for help. Not be told your stupid.
Well, I have no idea what part of my post you felt was putting anyone down, or calling anyone stupid, but if you feel that way, don't let the door hit you on the way out. You won't be missed.

(Also, if you don't want people to think you're stupid, you should probably learn how to spell basic words like "people" and use punctuation correctly.)

Originally Posted by kasca View Post
ok i DONT post when i didnt try everything as i said!
Good for you. I'm not psychic. I can't read your mind and magically know what you've tried or how you define "everything". Some people say "I've tried everything!" when all they've done is try typing the slash command two times, got the same error message both times, and then gave up. Nobody else here is psychic, either. If you want us to know exactly what you have and have not tried, you have to actually tell us.

Originally Posted by kasca View Post
Also as ive said I LOOKED!
Again, nobody can read your mind. When you say you've looked, we don't know what that means. You have to tell us. Where did you look? What search terms did you use? What did you find, and why didn't those options meet your needs?

Originally Posted by kasca View Post
I guessing it time find another safe place to get mods.
Good luck with that. Other than WoWInterface and Curse, the only addon sites you're going to find are the ones that just scrape and rehost addons from WoWInterface and Curse. None of those sites have anything to offer addon authors, so they're either only hosting Open Source licensed addons, or they're violating copyright laws, and in either case, the addon authors don't even know their addons are posted there, so you're generally going to get outdated versions (since the authors aren't posting updates there) and no way to get help with the addon (since the authors aren't reading comments/tickets there).

Originally Posted by kasca View Post
Seems only thing her is you copy cat mods.
WoW is nearly 10 years old now. There just aren't that many new ideas to come up with, and the subscriber base is dwindling. Most of the people who were writing addons 5 years ago have stopped playing by now. Anyone who still plays who has the skills to write addons has already written all the addons they need. At this point, if you can't find an addon that does what you want, your options are pretty much (a) make do without it, or (b) put on your big boy pants and learn how to write it yourself. Sitting around crying and throwing tantrums because someone else isn't falling all over themselves to spend their free time finding or writing you an addon isn't going to do anything but make people even less interested in helping you.
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