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mjumnito -- Thank you for replying. Your reply was stated very clearly and included several facts which sound encouraging, although approx. dates could have been included. As it is, it is still unclear when Astrolabe will be updated to be functional for use pertaining to Carbonite Notes usage, other addons, and WoW itself before they all go "Poof!". I understand that Astrolabe is in the "GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)" licensing protocol. I suppose I didn't realize fully just how many people have lost interest in WoW; hence fewer available authors to provide support for addons which so many people used to find desirable. Astrolabe (even with support from qualified authors such as yourself) is falling by the wayside, as you stated. Not even 1 single update for nearly a year, even though Carbonite continues to be updated (although rather infrequently). Yet, it continues to move forward. I am hoping you and other addon authors will find the time to make some significant improvements to Astrolabe. No hurry! I've given up on using "Notes" until it works, but I am looking forward to using it again.

I've been playing WoW since the very first week it hit the shelves for sale. The date on my current wow interface icon does not reflect the reality of when I first joined because I was forced into using a new e-mail address after my previous ISP went "Poof!" and I had to get a new ISP and e-mail address. Neither wow interface nor Blizzard kept track of those records. heh heh. I will probably continue playing WoW until either 'it' vanishes or 'I' vanish with quiet "Poof!" as well!! (big grin). Thanks again for your informative reply.

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