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Originally Posted by ircdirk View Post
Unofficial Astrolab fork https://github.com/jnwhiteh/astrolabe/ last update 15 march 2015.

@Kreelor just learn lua and make your Astrolab fork with fixes and contribute to Carbonite development. U may also write your own library which will do the same or even better as Astrolabe... eventually u can propose an alternative library to Astrolabe, but i dont see other...
What? Start from scratch with no prior coding knowledge and learn lua? Sounds redundant to me, since there are already people qualified and capable. If they can't fix the reported issues, then I doubt if I could without extensive experience. If they don't have the time nor the inclination to fix it... then, it must not be important enough.

And, it looks to me that the only changes (NOT improvements) to the code 4 months ago were merely modifying a "revision number" and calling it an "update". I'm not familiar enough with coding to know if anything more relevant than that has been done, but that's how I read it. That's like saying Carbonite is up to date because somebody changes a version number in the TOC without fixing any outstanding issues, etc. Btw, this topic was about Astrolabe and not Carbonite explicitly, except for the fact that Carbonite is depending upon it. I'm not going to be lured into a debate over this. I've already stated that I can wait or do without Carbonite Notes. Enough said.
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