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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Carbonite does not rely on astrolab, nor is it an included library.

The only libraries carbonite uses currently are:

Ace3 -- not going anywhere and constantly updated
LibDataBroker -- again not going anywhere, way to many addons utilize it
LibCompress -- Carbonite itself does not use this, but the shared guildbank library does
LibGuildBank -- I'm using a modified version of this and if it breaks, i'll fix it myself.
So, Rythal, can we place notes onto our maps (as we used to be able to do), or not?

Carbonite used to use Astrolabe ("Notes" was dependent upon Astrolabe for "Notes)" but, you are not using it any longer since they gave up on it. [Reference my previous comments about relying upon 3rd-party addons!!!]

It's been at leat 4 months since your post about this issue and not one word from you about what's going on with it. Has "Notes" been ditched or, are you "still looking at it?"
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