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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Kreelor, if you had bothered to experiment a little and make some notes (for placement on your Carbonite maps) you would know that you can. You can even pick the icon for the note on the map. I don't know how for you can take this, now, but it works. At least on the normal world maps (maximized and minimized). I don't have any characters high enough level to test it at maximum level spots. Sorry.
jeffy162, you intervened instead of Rythal who this message was intended for.

To me, experimenting doesn't make any sense when I've been told that a certain feature will not work. Well, I guess I don't understand. From what I've read, Carbonite Notes (DEV version) is still using Astrolabe -- which is supposedly no longer a 3rd-party addon used by Carbonite, according to Rythal (Ref: his statement "Carbonite does not rely on astrolab, nor is it an included library."). Note: That's his spelling, not mine.

It's too bad nobody has updated the current status of Carbonite and its features and how to work them (or, anything else!). I suppose users are supposed to guess and use trial-and-error to see what works and what doesn't work. Not very professional. I remember when Carbonite used to work flawlessly, but that was a very, very long time ago.

Thanks, jeffy162 for replying to me since Rythal will probably never will. I think he's too busy "still reviewing things" from a year ago.
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