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Hi Rythal,

Then what does this mean? (see link to a previous topic)


It is from an earlier post. There may be other posts as well, but I found this one which does indicate to me that Carbonite "DID" use HandyNotes which "DID" rely upon Astrolabe once-upon-a-time. Without up-to-date current documentation, it's hard to tell what's new and what is ancient.

I'm sorry if I am not reading the information correctly. I'm just trying to figure out why things aren't working.

In any event, I tried adding a couple of notes yesterday (11-17-15) as a test. It turns out that I cannot select different (alternative) icons for the notes. Maybe I'm missing something or, maybe I can't do it because Astrolabe used to do it (and, you are no longer using Astrolabe)?

Not only that but, I cannot ever see or find the "Favorites" folder in which you said in your "Docs" would contain certain information, including "Notes." -- I can find no folder named "Favorites" anywhere.

Note: I'm using the latest several-month-old DEV version.

Thanks for you reply.

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