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Originally Posted by Svegan View Post
rythal has brought live up to date, and it is the active one as of now. dev is several months behind. try master and see if that helps. I personally have not had issues, with locking up on making any sort of routes, be it gathering, gotos, or questing.
Thank you, Svegan, for your reply and your suggestion. I would have dumped the DEV version and installed the Master version sooner but, I didn't see any information at all about this issue on the forum. I was going by what others have told me (in the distant past) that the DEV version was more up-to-date so, it's what I've been using for a long time.

Your reply really helped. The Route function works now. However, it takes nearly a full minute to complete the route. Maybe that's because it's connecting 1 million different kinds of nodes? For Mining, it's too troublesome to uncheck all the boxes manually since it doesn't work like the Herbalism screen.

Thank you very much!
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