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Pretty sure it's just a limitation of the way unlearned talents spells work. If you re-specced and specced back while having one such spell on your bars I'm pretty sure it would remove itself. I want to try that now if I can confirm it.
Edit: I was wrong. I'm pretty sure there was something that acted that way but I really can't remember what it was. Probably not related to talents, anyway.

Though, don't they have placeholder spells for talent rows, which automatically change into the selected talent? I might need to look into that, not sure if they exist for PvP talents though. Actually I'm not sure how PvP talents behave when outside of PvP areas, since the game unlearns them on leaving and re-learns them on entering (as opposed to simply disabling/enabling their use >.> gotta love spaghetti)

Like 175686 Stopping Power, for Hunters. Placeholder for Lv. 60 talents, there should be a spell like this for all classes and all active talent rows, might need to bring up a list. Not sure how one would detect that the unlearned spell is an unlearned talent, I guess if you can still read spell name then you could compare with class and have a table of talent spell names for that class or something, and instead save that placeholder spell.

Might have some unwanted side-effects though, I guess. If they wanted different spells on their talent row to be on different action bar slots. This would effectively be putting all of them on the same slot with no way to undo it unless the user manually removed it (or maybe place duplicates of the spell on different action bar slots.)

Edit: Apparently those placeholder spells don't exist if even just one talent in the row is passive. That's lame. I guess this isn't a solution, then.

Banknorris' idea seems clever enough to work with minimal side-effects, though one limitation I can think of is that it wouldn't work if the player has already used all their macro slots.

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