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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
I don't understand this part. What do you mean "tables inside tables"? Is wipe not letting you clean that table which happens to be in a table or do you have nested tables inside the table you're trying to clean? As for the fail part, are you getting errors? What happened when you used wipe?
I initially used wipe() as per suggestions, thinking it would eliminate a memory leak and was monitoring performance by hovering the mouse over the ? (wow menu). I realised that if I had a table inside a table then wipe() would not help and memory appeared to be steadily increasing like it did before. If I was using just a single dimensional table then wipe() appeared to stop the memory leak.

Soon after that I discovered I could force GC by calling garbagecollect() so did not delve further into wipe().

Then I discovered that my issue was around CreateFrame() because I was not deleting the previous frames, and read that you cannot anyway, but you must reuse them.
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