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Originally Posted by ircdirk View Post
I dont have time to update all functions to Live Releases... So i will not work on Classic version. But someone else can make Classic version. This addon is opensource with GPL licence.
Unfortunatly the pre-Cata versions don't have a GPL license.

Does anyone still have contact to the original developers of Carbonite to ask them to rerelease a pre-Cata version of
Carbonit, e.g. Carbonite 3.340 (*), with a GPL license here: http://www.carboniteaddon.com/download.shtml ?

(*) Wowinterface -> Carbonite Maps -> Other Files -> Carbonite 3.34 06/26/10 04:59 AM

(no code modifications are required, just a license change, the Carbonite.lua of the 3.340 version is already not encrypted, unlike early versions)

I had some experimental(!) success with modifications to Carbonite 8.2 and to the first GPL release (CarboniteGPL_5041)
on the test servers this weekend, but without the pre-Cata quest data, POI, ... it will not be were useful anyway.

Although I was able to use "Nx.Que1" (quest data) from Carbonite 3.340 in the modified CarboniteGPL_5041 (ignoring errors) and to track one classic test quest afterwards, such a solution will not be distributable, because of the license problems.

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