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Post Let's try to downgrade Carbonite v2.4.3 to v1.13

So far I've only managed to debug Carbonite Quest and use it even when it was not oficially updated when new patches were released, but I'll try this one. I found oldest version of Carbonite for WoW patch v2.4.3, will try to find out how badly it will be to fix it for Classic v1.13, if it will be possible. (link for Carbonite 2.4.3: https://legacy-wow.com/tbc-addons/carbonite/ )
The worst thing in this case is that I didn't find much of informations about how WoW API is different between v2.4 and v1.13, so it will be mostly try and error which is very time consuming process and there is a little hope to make it work as for now. If Carbonite uses API functions which appeared in API 2.0+ and are not present in API 1.13 - it cannot be done or will have very limited functionality or broken functionality (for example I wonder if Carbonite's map functionality can be done on Classic API)

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