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Originally Posted by seanj0 View Post
If I use a two button modifier on a macro that all ready has one of the modifiers in use, will it still recognize the two button modifier? I bind my two button modifiers to my foot pedals, so the two buttons will be pushed simultaneously.
This can't be done since the game reads the mouse button as a "click" and not a modifier. The same way any regular key is read (any key except Ctrl, Alt, and Shift). However, if you click a macro, it can run a condition based on which button was used. If a macro is run from a keybind, this defaults to button 1.

/cast [btn:1] Spell1; [btn:2] Spell2; [btn:3] Spell3
This'll choose to cast based on if you used the left, right, or middle button respectively. As mentioned above, the left button will be used if this is run from a keybind.

/cast [btn:1,btn:2] Spell
A macro like this will never run since the game will never read more than one button at once.

Originally Posted by seanj0 View Post
Let's say I use a 'shift' modifier to cast Hibernate on my focus, but to cast it on Arena target 1 I have my modifier as 'shift, ctrl'. Will it still recognize both or just the first one?
It depends on the order of the macro conditions.

/cast [@focus,mod:shift][@arena1,mod:alt,mod:shift] Hibernate
This will always try to cast on focus no matter if Alt is held down or not since the first condition will always match in that case.

/cast [@arena1,mod:alt,mod:shift][@focus,mod:shift] Hibernate
Since the more restrictive condition is listed first in this example, it'll switch between arena1 when Alt+Shift is held and and focus when it's just Shift.
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