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Copied from lawomous' reply to this question on another forum:

Try this. You can fit most of it in a macro, but to have it do the correct type of Faerie Fire for all of those conditions would make the macro over twice as long. This will prioritize Feral Faerie Fire for all of the conditions above, and will just use regular Faerie Fire on your target if none of the conditions were true, and you were not in feral form.

/cast [@arena1,mod:alt,mod:ctrl][@arena2,mod:alt,mod:shift][@arena3,mod:ctrl,mod:shift][@focus,mod:shift][@mouseover,harm][form:1/3]Faerie Fire (Feral)();Faerie Fire
If you spend most of your PvP time as a healer or moonkin, try this variant.
/cast [@arena1,mod:alt,mod:ctrl][@arena2,mod:alt,mod:shift][@arena3,mod:ctrl,mod:shift][@focus,mod:shift][@mouseover,harm]Faerie Fire;[form:1/3]Faerie Fire (Feral)()
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