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1. Hmm... I'm certain there is some way to get animated textures in game... I've seen sexy map use it, though majority are from the MPQ files. Zorks UI I'm fairly certain is a custom on his Mini-map. Weakaruas has paths for the models it uses, I've tried adjusting it to test one that is on my desktop but all I got was the unloaded blue box.

2. Thank you for the correction SDPhantom, I'm a bit nick picky on my spelling/grammar. Always try to keep it accurate. I've already printed out the website and downloaded the program, I know enough about Lua to know that the colored syntax is very helpful. Phanx you hit it right on the target, I really dislike guides like that and it was all I really found while Google searching, that's why I decided to ask. I don't have experience coding anything else other then Lua, and that's just from working with other addons like KGpanels etc. I already chose an Addon to tinker with, HFLootRoll. I used back in wrath and loved, but its long been abandoned it seems, maybe get permission from the original author and might even be able to maintain it myself. But I'm getting ahead of myself, have to learn Lua first.
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