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Try with just carbonite activated and disable all other addons you have to see. It looks like another addon may be conflicting with carbonite as I do not have it doing that for mine...

Also check if you typed the WoW client version correctly..

Originally Posted by Brokenshadows View Post
i'm having an issue with Carbonite Notes, and i haven't been ablt to find a solution so far. If i have Carbonite Notes active, any time i go to the world mpa, the achievement tracker list pops up, and then won't go away until i reload to UI. If i go into my addon list, and disable Carbonite Notes, the problem goes away. i'll attach screenshot to show what i'm talking about.

i tried searching for the issue, but didn't see a post about it. If there is a post already with a solution, please point me that way.

According to Twitch, i'm using version 7.3 of the addon, and my WoW client is up-to-date (7.0.3.(25021)(Release x64)).
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