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Originally Posted by ObbleYeah View Post
Tooltips\Nameplate-Glow isnt it?
under 3.0.3, all of these "flash" or "glow" textures were in .../Interface/TARGETINGFRAME/UI-TargetingFrame-Flash.blp. all the fitted glow textures (for the various default unit frames and default nameplates) were in this one file. i could not tell you which MPQ this is in.

i extracted big chunks of the 3.0.8 MPQs, so i could look at LUA. a file of this name/path exists, but it appears to contain only the default target unit frame glow texture. .../Interface/Tooltips/Nameplate-Glow.blp does not really resemble the 3.0.3 nameplate glow texture. i don't know where the other unit frame glows or the nameplate glow have been placed.

in .../Aloft/Aloft/Aloft.lua, rooted at function function Aloft:OnNameplateShow(), there is a whole reverse-engineering process of Blizzard default nameplates that happens. Aloft turns the default Blizzard nameplate glow texture "off" (i.e. sets the texture to "", but leaves it in place so that IsShown()/IsVisible() calls can be made; the texture region itself does not seem to respect standard UI hooks). you could add some diagnostics to dump out what texture file is used there.

hope that helps.
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