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I'm back... please help me get my UI back!

Hi.. I have been gone for about a year... just came back to check out Panda Town... anyway.. I am trying to put my UI together and having some problems... so I hope you guys can recommend me some mods...

1) I am looking for a tooltip mod that moves the tooltip to the mouse cursor... TinyTip seams to be dead.. and I tried TipTac, it had some cool stuff but i couldn't work out how to get the tooltip to go on the mouse cursor (and then slightly offset it so you can see still)?

2) Looking for a good gear mode..

3) Also what is a good dot timer? I used to use dottimer but I always foudn it a bit complex.. maybe tehre are better solutions now?

4) Also what is a good minimap mod... one that can resize it?

5) Also I used to love deposit box.. is there anythign like this anymore.. basically you set a tax rate on your income say 20%.. it would set aside 20% of all your income in the deposit box as a way to force saving.. all vendors or Ah could only use the gold , you had to manually transfer gold from your savings to use it

6) Also I used to use a cooldown mod.. it was like a single bar you could place and the icons slid down it for your cooldowns... not really a dot timer.. any cooldowns.. and when they hit the end it would grow the icon big


7) A mod to adjust the BUFF icons in the top right of screen.. at least MOVE and SCALE

8) How can I move the "you have won" loot thign that pops up after you win a roll?

Thanks in advance!!

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