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1. TipTac does tend to be a good ToolTip addon, but it is a bit bloated for my taste. That being said, I believe you are able to anchor the ToolTip to the cursor via the anchor options. I am a bit fuzzy on the options, but I believe you just select cursor in the drop down menu for each type of ToolTip (global, item etc). Currently I am using FreebTip, and while I don't use the cursor anchor, I know it offers support for this.

2. Typically for DoT classes, there are dedicated addons that make tracking your class' DoTs much easier. I know for balance druids there exists DruidTimerBars, and I know there are a few for warlocks. For general purpose timer bars you might try Gnosis, NugRunning, or ClassTimer.

Sorry that I wasn't able to provide any end-all answers to your questions, just had some free time during server down time =[.
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