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I've found some ones I think I like.. but still looking for others...

Originally Posted by Jynks View Post
2) Looking for a good gear mode..
Outfitter - Was the one I was looking for... I wasn't after a gear compare mode like peopel thought.. I just wanted a morwe advanced outfit system than default and I also really like the auto gear selector it has.. this is very good for leveling when you get new gear like every hour.. simply select teh stats you wish your gear to max and hti rebuild ad it will automatically pick it.. really good for leveling with 2 gear sets. (say dps and healing)

Originally Posted by Jynks View Post
4) Also what is a good minimap mod... one that can resize it?
Sexy Map - Seams to have everything I am looking for

Originally Posted by Jynks View Post
6) Also I used to use a cooldown mod.. it was liek a single bar you could place and the icons slid down it for your cooldowns... nto really a dot timer.. any cooldowns.. and when they hit the end it woudl grow the icon big
Cool Line - Exactly what i was looking for..

Still missing a few but looking good so far. See OP for list

Thanks again for all your help

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