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Frame locks every couple seconds

Ever since the start of this expansion, the Quests module for Carbonite has given me nothing but trouble. At first it was incredible FPS lag, but after updating to the latest version from github a few minutes ago, that is no longer occurring, but a new issue is. If I have the quest module active, every few seconds in game, roughly the amount of time to walk 3 steps forward, everything will lock up for about half a second and then resume. I disabled every single addon I had except Carbonite, and this issue still occurs, even with no other addons enabled. But when I disable the quests module, the game runs perfectly.

Another thing I've noticed with the quests module that may be related is that all the criteria for quests are blank. It just says "0/1: " and goes into no further detail than that. I've been really hoping that this module would be fixed by now, but at this rate I'm worried they might never be fixed.
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