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my highest-level alliance character is about level 11, so i can't speak to that side of the fence (and there is a centaur-skin rug on the floor in front of every bourgeois horde hearth)...

but there are a number of quests on the horde side that consist of assisting one or another garish NPC in torturing/executing helpless alliance captives. as i have pushed this or that alt along the level treadmill, i increasingly find myself bypassing those quests. even fighting NPCs of a feral horde race makes me a bit queasy (what happened to ethnic solidarity?)

a little too close to real-life these days? perhaps. but in the context of a game, even an immersive RPG conceptually motivated by epic conflict, i have just never found that sort of thing "fun". hmm, how do you say "marxist appeaser" in Taurahe? heh

(then, of course, the Death Knight was introduced, and i had to suck it up... and soon we will be rolling Worgen, and if there is any justice the wolf-people will be at war with the whole world... or simply view everyone else as food... "hey, uh, do you need that?" ).
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