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Gathering Route crashes the game


Bug or Incompatibility with GatherMate2 Carbonite Edition?

-- Clicking on "Set route to current location" (or, whatever that's called?) causes the game to stop responding. It hangs up and I have to <Ctrl/Alt/Del> to get out of the game.

- The ONLY addon running is Carbonite-Maps and Warehouse.
- I was trying to set the route to gather mining nodes but, the message "Game has stopped responding..." error happens. I tried 3 times.
- The ONLY node types I had selected was Ghost Iron Ore and its associated type. All others were deselected.
- GatherMate2 Carbonite Edition is installed. I used its option to update/load the Mining nodes.
- The location where I was hunting the Ghost Iron Ore nodes was in Pandaria (near Sunsong Ranch).

I do have WoD installed and am using the current DEV version of Carbonite.
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