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Originally Posted by backlash666 View Post
Rythal (After numerous attempts to contact OA's) decided to fix Carbonite for the masses. And lets face it, we are quite a User Base.


I assume by your posting that you make these roll your own fixes, free to use, without copyright?? If you could please clarify this? That way the OA's have no excuse for waiting another day before removing finger from bum and getting the hell on with it? Or does that sound unfair? Again, I'm sure you'll all let me know.
First point I have quoted above - Rythal has said himself that he personally never contacted the OA's because others said they had tried. Not that it specifically diminishes him at all, but a clarification point (and I understand why he wouldn't).

Second, lots of people make suggestions on code replacement, I know Jeffrey is one I've seen in the forums for a while as well. Also, you assume that the OA's have access and time every day to get on these forums, file through lots of posts and then fix the codes - all very quickly, not something I assume. I think we could see more timely responses if the posts that happened, now that the OA's are back, are problems and fixes posted by others. Granted, I'm guilty of adding to the issue seeing how I respond to these messages - but I like to help give timely feedback, though it isn't official by any means.

This does give one good point however, I love this thread for what it was intended (or I believe it was intended) a place to report bugs and people to post quick fixes. Hopefully they can be found and incorporated quickly. Thank you again Rythal for your work!