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Originally Posted by backlash666 View Post
So what your saying (without really saying) is that in the last 3 days, since they last released the crud version, they couldn't be bothered updating it with 6 lines of code????

Ok I get the fact that they don't play WoW anymore. That's OK.

What I don't get is their unwillingness to make an effort, yes I know they came at the 13th hour and brought it out (broken) but they weren't around before hand, they haven't been reading their own forums, they were apparently unaware of MoP's patch release, which meant they haven't been paying attention to anything WoW related, let alone their own add on/forum.

I don't like the fact that Rythal was shunned for being the only person to step up and do what the original authors should have done in the first place and what he continually tries to do ( Like roll your own fixes lol). And before anyone starts, I do appreciate all the work the OA's have done with Carbonite, I have used it for many years, and donated in the past. I also agree that they own their code, it is theirs! I just don't agree with the way they have handled things since. I mean here's the quick version of what I understand went on.

Bliz released MOP Patch,
Everyone's addons went psycho,
Most addons were nearly fixed from day 1,
Carbonite OA's were nowhere to be seen, not even a "Sorry we're late, but we're on it!"
Rythal (After numerous attempts to contact OA's by others.) decided to fix Carbonite for the masses. And lets face it, we are quite a User Base.
After a few bug fix versions everyone is happy (mostly)
Along came the OA's, very late, who then throws out an unfinished (official) version, and cracks Rythal on the back of the head with the naughty stick for his troubles.
Now people who wrongly assumed the (Official) version would work properly, have replaced Rythals (working) version with it, and are now boned.
Rythal continues to try to help at risk of another crack with the naughty stick.

If you feel I have missed anything in this brief overview then I'm sure you'll let me know. Edits will be in bold after you have corrected me.


I assume by your posting that you make these roll your own fixes, free to use, without copyright?? If you could please clarify this? That way the OA's have no excuse for waiting another day before removing finger from bum and getting the hell on with it? Or does that sound unfair? Again, I'm sure you'll all let me know.

PS Spelling mistakes are due to a keyboard with no lettering left on it Lol.

OMG i luv how you can simplify things ... i wrote a post and well wasnt as simple as you ... i hate how my brains works sometimes but you summed everything up and i have been reading the posts since the patch of 5.04 came out my roomie wont play without a working carbonite... people rely on it alot cause blizzards version of a smaller map for while out and a bout well really doesnt stack up or compare to carbonites map, among their also attempt for a quest tracker, wonder what else blizz will put in without letting the UI be scaled the way the user wants ...
but back to the things here ... i updated and did the official and noticed i was running 15-20 fps before i updated carbonite and when i updated it my fps dropped to 5fps to 1fps at times ... so theres an issue ...