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Originally Posted by MunkDev View Post
Circular cooldowns are not new. That function might be, but SetSwipeTexture as an example doesn't ignore alpha channel, so you could just use a custom swipe texture that's just a circle and it would chop off the edges. I would hardly call that a hack.
Not in all cases, no. But if the game actually sets that texture, you'd have to replace or hook the function to keep it from overwriting your changes, hence "hack".

Originally Posted by galvin View Post
From what I can see, this change doesn't effect the swipe texture, just the edge texture. So instead of the edge texture getting clipped in a square, it gets clipped in a circle.

This can be faked some what on live. That's what they did with the old death knight icons. They have the icon, then the cooldown frame on top of that. Then a ring texture on top of that. With creative use of artwork they are able to hide it. But if you make the icons larger that trick fails and you can see its not really rounded.

This could be useful for ring addons that were already using the cooldown frame. Now you can have better looking spark lines imo.
Exactly. For instance, my new skin uses the mask feature for the icons and I managed to get everything *except* the edge texture to be round. Obviously I could do something similar to what I mentioned above, but I'm not certain it would work as intended with a round alpha channel.

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