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Originally Posted by Sylen View Post
I had the same idea at some point in Legion and tried what you are trying to do aswell. Turns out there isn't really a clean and simple solution to it. If you want to read a bit more check this thread

The blacklist idea from my last post in the linked post, resulted in big performance issues. After this i gave up on this idea.

If you really want this feature, my advice is to stick to an established nameplate addon. There are plenty of them out there. My personal recomendation in this case would be Plater Nameplates.
That's exactly where I found the script. I would really like something that doesn't alter the health bars, just the buffs. Even a full replacement that looks like the default would be okay with me. I've tried every nameplate addon, and I find it hard to play with them on, especially in PvP. Even FlyPlateBuffs made it harder to read the duration of CC at a glance. I was hoping someone might have a solution here because otherwise I'll just have to stick with the default plates.
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