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Question NPC IDs


Many NPCs keep their own IDs through whole areas. I mean, before BfA, a quest giver NPC that statically stays at X point of the map didn't share the same ID with another version of the same NPC that stays another point of the map. Now they share the same ID within the given area.

For example, think about a quest hub. You first found Lucille Waycrest on a guillotine stand, then you free her, she gets mount up nearby, etc. She shares the same NPCID as long as she's around the area, despite wherever she stays exactly. As the story advances, you found her at Arom's Stand then around the waycrest court. She has different IDs in each area but the IDs limited to the area and not her locations. IIRC, the same character had different IDs for each locations he/she was found at before.

Is there a way to distinguish these key characters with the same name and the same IDs in BfA Beta?

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